Dishes, tableware, cutlery

Let’s talk about cutlery and plates.

Simply put, as of now most of those common household items are pretty much useless. In general, there is now use for them, with only a few notable expections: plastic bowls (but now other bowls, interestingly) can be used as containers and tin plates can be disassebmled for some tin. All the other cups and plates - no matter if made from glass, ceramic or metals - are completely without use, as is the butter knife. They don’t even hold up as a makeshift weapon!

What I propose is to make those items situational useful by adding a flag to them that gives a (small) moral bonus whenever you have them in your inventory/vicinity when you eat.

Reasons why I think this is a good suggestion:

Usefullness: It would add a use to those items without cluttering any menu.

Realism: Because even though survivors life in a zombie-infested hell hole, they’re not animals.

Not intrusive: As it would be completely optional, I don’t see this getting in the way of other features/design choices. If you don’t want to bother with those items, just ignore them and play the same game you do now.


While I think a moral bonus for having silverware could be interesting these items actually aren’t without use. Butter knives can be used for a number of crafting recipes that call for metal and glasses can be broken to get shards of glass that are, again, used for some crafting recipes.

This is a feature I am very much interested in implementing in the game myself.

In addition to the morale boost you just mentioned I think having appropriate cutlery in your inventory or near you when eating should also slightly increase the time it takes to eat a meal. The trait Rigid Table Manners should also give a hefty morale penalty for eating without cutlery.

Appropriate cutlery:

  • Spoons - increase morale and consumption time when eating soups.
  • Tablespoons - decrease coffee and tea preparation time.
  • Forks - increase morale and consumption time when eating solid food.
  • Steak knife - decrease meat preparation time and increase morale when eating meat.

I think you should leave knifes out of any cutlery since you can technically use any knife or cutting implement to eat your food. (might not be as easy too eat a teak with a sharp rock but a combat knife should be just ine)

I agree, that’s a good point.

New discourse thread was recently opened on this topic:

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