Tables Now Used For Crafting

This is a new change since I last played. What is the idea behind it, will it become a requirement to use a table to craft? As it stands right now, it’s more of a hindrance than anything, breaking momentum as I push an extra key to see what items are on the desk.

Going forward it would be nice to have an additional search function added to the UI to essentially open drawers in a desk to reveal stowed away items other than just the contents sitting on top of the desk.


It also lets you use a workbench, which is a new construction, I believe using a table/workbench lowers the time required currently. I also like using it for crafting food since I can then just eat off the table itself.

I no longer store stuff on tables for the exact reason you describe though.

I see, is there some kind of benefit to eating off the table? Other than the negative trait tied to it.

You get a very slight morale bonus by default with 0 traits.

With the negative trait the morale bonus is larger, but you have the Rimworld problem of hating your life if you’re ever forced to eat without a table.


You have to make sure to never commit the war crime of eating without a table.


Not quite on topic, but I’m hoping the trait is expanded to give you a morale bonus for eating with a fork/spoon/bowl/plate around to make those items - you know - slightly useful. Always thought it was barbaric the way my survivor just eats cold scrambled eggs with his grubby hands right out of his pockets.


Scrambled eggs and the pasta dishes always make me feel this way. I’m just imagining them holding it in their hands and chowing down by the fistful.

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I’ve grown to appreciate the change, using advanced inventory instead of examining the table is the way to go for item management.

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Mmmmmm, pocket pasta


Once NPCs are fleshed out we can add social penalties to eating pizza out of your trench coat.


We can’t do that, it’s too unrealistic

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Ok so basically we used to be like this right?

I kinda like having the need for tools to eat I suppose…sorta. I kinda got use to eating my salmon with a side order of my beard :wink:

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If Florida Man can do it, so can you. He’s my favorite superhero, you know.

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all things aside it’s really a shame we can’t change the keybind for get items off the table from 5 back to g like it should be.

would screw with the old muscle memory a lot less that way even if it is an extra keypress for no real reason.