Its the small things that matter

so mostly this is a idea that small thing can affect the player. like a player will prefer eating a meal at a table and even more with a plate/bowl and utensils. other thing would add frying pan (and giving the pot a actual pot icon it looks like a frying pan) pots would hold things like soups and stews you made until you move them to a bowl or jar for storage. side note cans don’t need a bowl/plate to eat for the mood boost just something to eat with. i mean you could eat just like you do in game i would just say its better to eat with the utensils and something to eat on. this makes snack item a little more for sought after as well since the are built with the idea of eating on the go.

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Calculating whether furniture is nearby is less trivial than I first imagined. Stuff like having plates and whatnot would be easier, I assume.

You could probably plug this idea into the existing “got comfy” boost.

These sorts of trivial seeming additions get complex to add in a comprehensive way, though. It’s the kind of thing that makes me wish there was some kind of Newb Contributor system where people could add in these kinds of massive data dumps.

i admilty based some of this off of rimworld a game that had the npcs (since the player never actually has a player character is just a overlord of a group of idiots trying to survive) take a mood deuff if they ate their meals on the floor and such so i thought “hey this could be a nice small patch added some realism to the game or at least improve it and people would be surprised how much the little things help”