Using a short/long rope to tie various items and wear them

I have an idea which is connected with using a short rope like a strap(for guns). Ropes provide the possibility to wear a given item eg. you want to take a log with you but you don’t have a backpack. You can use your short rope in order to wear log and to have your hands free so you can use your rifle when it’s necessary. Or maybe tie two or three logs together with a short rope and then wear them. It should be possible with items which aren’t too small to be tie. In other words my idea is connected with creating “packs” of items which are wearable

My response to this idea is confused, because on the one hand, lugging anything heavy over your shoulder with a 6-10mm rope would be really painful, but most of the “rope” in game actually comes from seat belts, which would be marginally better than using regular rope.

Eh. The existing weight system would cover half my objections to this, and modeling the shoulder straps like a waterskin, which increases the volume of whatever it contained would cover the rest. I’d say, implement like a tool belt that could hold a single large volume object.