Lesser weight for worn clothing/armor

Suggestion as title says. Maybe when wearing a piece of clothing make the actual weight to about 50% of original weight.
Reason: Carrying a pair of boots in the backpack or hands is much more uncomfortable than having them on feet.
Another example: Armor, here chain mail as of RL experience: On body worn it is quite comfortable as opposed to carrying it around with the hands.

Much like the suggestion about backpacks, the game currently assumes perfect weight distribution, so any adjustments would tend to increase effective weight of carried items rather than reducing the effective weight of worn items.

I think the ‘uncomfortable’ aspect is sufficiently handled by the fact that when stuff is worn, it no longer contributes to volume.

The game already assumes you can comfortably carry around quite a bit more weight than I think is probably realistic, but that includes all the gear you’re wearing, so I think it evens out.