Urban, Suburban, Rural!

With the way the current map looks, it’s pretty suburban looking. However later on in development I suggest the map being split up into 3 large zones representing Urban, Suburban, and Rural environments.

Rural: Low amounts of loot in exchange for low zombie density, but higher amounts of potentially dangerous wildlife. All you’re going to see are rolling fields, farmhouses, gas stations, as well as the occasional lab, bunker, or other secret stuff you’re going to found out in the middle of bumf&%$ nowhere.

Suburban: The way things are now. Small towns and wilderness spread across a large area along with all the other goody bits.

Urban: Insane zombie density in exchange for enormous amounts of loot to be found for those brave or crazy enough to fight through an ocean of undead. A late-game playground for powerful characters, where clearing an entire urban city will be a feat worthy of song or squelching shits of terror as we all lay eyes upon the unstoppable behemoth who did such a thing.

I’m tired.

This gets my approval.

I think that’s a good direction to go in, especially if it was a smooth enough gradient. I’m sure that now with the addition of things like office blocks and stuff that’ll become a lot easier.

I’d love to eventually see things like ports, little villages and industrial complexes. More rural buildings would be great too.

i once found a small town with only 10 houses and a grocery store , so we are already half way there. But i would like to see zombies more centered in the town , so its like when you drive in a town you have to literaly be ready for 100 or more zombies , because this set up right now , with 20 zombies max (more if you run around and gather some from other places) even in the biggest city centre makes me cry.

I want to drive away from a town where is a pile of Blood and goop that was once billion zombies.

And cars should get stuck against creatures , like if you are going to push through 100 zombie i think it shouln’t quite work as you would expect it to do now.

Thread necromancy!

Not really necromancy since it’s only been about 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:
I think this is a cool idea, and I think I can incorporate it into the World Factory part of the third Kickstarter goal. Will be interesting to see what crops up :smiley: No promises on the farms though, because that’s another can of worms in and of itself. If I have enough free time between working on goals I’ll see what I can come up with though.

Perhaps a Wilds or Wilderness zone as well. Somewhere with no houses, maybe a few cabins. Forests, basically somewhere where animals and nature rule

We had someone working on overmap types, and meta-structure to the map (like continent-sized features), but they wandered off, which tends to happen, especially in the summer. This is definitely something we want to do, it’s just a question of when.