Themed city generation

It would be fun with themed city layouts. As in cities generated in different themes.

Initially a city size should be decided:

Village: Usually a very little gathering of houses around two crossing roads, very little branching off and the brancing off should mainly be based around roads leading to farms and such.

Town: A larger town situated around a landmark of sorts like a river or a mountain of sorts. Has a large suburb and a town center with shops and malls around, bonus points if the town center has a randomly generated statue of some important figure.

City: Very large with large suburbs and industrial areas surrounding a clusterfuck of appartment buildings, business buildings and stores.

Then we must define a theme:

Normal: as we already have it with very little damage, lots of zombies, etc.

Nuked: Very little activity, all houses heavily damaged or completely ruined, lingering fires and alot of radioactivity, in turn there should be alot of vehicle wrecks and corpses to loot.

monster type infested: Full of either zombies, triffids, fungals, swamp creatures. Signs of struggle and building damage very prevalent.

Ghost: Everyone disappeared for some unexplained reason! Maybe there could be some hidden artifact somewhehre, or horrors just waiting to eat you, be aware of theese deserted cities.

Out in the ass nowhere: A little village in the middle of nowhere, the inhabitants barely noticed! There should be alot more NPC’s. While this is a recipe for segfaults now, it would be much fun later.

War Zone: People are still fighting in theese cities, high npc and zombie count, military prescense, etc.

Wild: This city was evacuated effectively! There are almost no zombies, but instead has the mutated flora and fauna taken hold of it! Buildings overgrown and torn apart by vines and trees, lots of wildlife. Think the areas around Chernobyl.

yes good idea, it’s boring always the same map and towns

Maybe there could be certain frontier towns like towns centred around lumber processing or mining. Very small, but also very survival oriented. Small getaways in the forest that used to be marketed as places to vacation at also spring to mind like lodge or very nice hotels hidden in the forest somewhere.

I like the idea, itd add much more hardwork for coders fun and variation in the game :smiley:

My personal favorite that I actually find somethings is “Texas: Four houses, eight gun stores, twice as many liquor stores.”

I do like this idea, i don’t know much about coding but it seems simple enough to me, although it could be the opposite… Your city types make alot of sense when you think about it, this is only (I want to say around) 8 hours after the Apocalypse, the military can’t just be entirely dead and gone, the apocalypse couldn’t have happened EVERYWHERE at the same time. I hope this gets implemented soon, and kudos for the good ideas!

Seems plausible enough. But things that I personally have an objection to is the NPCs. They (currently) are dumber than a nail and about as buggy as a moth trapped in a computer (read buggy). So I think the NPC sites would fall under with the factions based work, which is a long way away. Also the war zone might only be occasionional/imposed on other places. Such as a military group that moves from one village to a city then onto somewere else. The ideas for world-gen are great, now just to see how to get them inplemented. Does anyone know what file world-gen is classified as? I might just a shot at your suggestions.