UPS CBM ... charging?

So I get that in theory I can use any UPS upgraded item with the CBM to power it from my internal power supply; but does it allow me to charge myself up from a UPS charger? I’m hoping so.

AFAIK, no, it doesnt.

But if you already have both, why no try it anyway xD.

Because I only have one more dose of anesthetic, and it’s that or the Ethanol Burner …so there’s no way to charge yourself from a UPS, that’s a shame!

Nah. Go for the ethanol burner.

A shame. I’m worried about addiction. And booze seems to make you pass out at the drop of a hat.

find yourself a metabolic interchange, it’s the only really sane way to get bionic power at the moment and don’t forget to turn it off when you’re full unless you enjoy starving to death in your sleep.

Why turn it off? Wiki says it stops draining calories when full, within 25. And also stops when you hit very hungry. Is this not the case?

actually, you’re right it does stop when you’re full these days, that’s a nice change.

I think Metabolic and Cable charger might be my two favourite charging system, they complement each other well, metabolic for while on the move to keep you topped up and cable for when you’re staying in one place and near a power source. Plus I think the cable charger is near unbeatable when it comes to recharging once you get really high bionic reserves. The others are OK for small amounts but quickly drop off in usefulness once you get a few thousand.

Yeah, I used to fall asleep plugged into my doomsday ride’s socket. Takes a while to charge 10k+ power.

Yep, the only one that I think might be better would be the advanced internal microreactor and in all my playthroughs I’ve never even seen one, never mind had the chance to install one.

Oh, I’ve had one. But why would anyone want it? The car has infinite solar power, the cells are extremely rare and precious…

I play with Salvaged Robots mod, plutonium is a lot less rare with that active tbf.

Guess I’ll wait till I build my death mobile!

i’m still able to charge 6k bionic power between this, solars, joint torsion ratchet, if i ever have to spend much time depleted i’m so out of this game.

i can always cheat harder, let’s not kid ourselves…