Battery Charger

How does it work? I can’t recharge batteries with it (normal, heavy duty, rechargable, batteries inside a tool). The battery charger is in the car.

Only charger I can think of in the game is UPS-compatible charging station for vehicles. Your tools need to be permanently modded with a UPS conversion mod, and then placed into the charging station, then you turn the charger on in the vehicle menu.

Unmodded tools are only recharged with common batteries.

The battery charger is useless then.

Well no, not at all. It is very useful, especially once you find some upgraded or quantum solar panels for your ride, it’s free energy for all your tools and you can use your batteries for far better uses such as mass producing acid bombs which can absolutely ruin hordes.

I always keep a UPS station in my vehicle specifically for tools such as the electric forge, gunsmith repair kit and food dehydrator, as these items all can suck up a lot of battery power. Finally, if you want to get into energy weapons or power armor, you pretty much need the UPS station to charge your standalone UPS batteries as you don’t really want to drain your bionic power except as a last resort when you finally run out of standard UPS power.

The standalone UPS battery is a tool just called ‘UPS’ which holds 1000 UPS power. You hold it in your inventory and any UPS tools, weapons or armor you have will draw power from the device. Once you run out of UPS power, tools will run off their own stored UPS energy or you can switch to bionic power.

There’s also an advanced UPS battery which can only run on plutonium cells but it is also more efficient and holds 2500 power instead of just 1000.


A search for ‘UPS’ on the item browser brings up all the relevant components to get set up with UPS power;

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It should be noted that the rechargeable battery and the heavy duty battery can only be recharged from the vehichle charging bay and they are specifically used for a homemade laser rifle.

I’ve never heard of either of these items… Are you referring to the standard UPS and advanced UPS?

No they are from the bright nights mod (I think that’s the name at least) it adds those two items and a craftable laser gun which uses them as magazines instead of the typical drain from ups mode most energy weapons use.

Ah My bad… wait what?
Are all New batteries assumed unre-chargable then? Even those salvaged from mobile phones?
That might be where I’m confused.

Plus I’ve got the “cannot even find/show the recharger as an install option in the game at all” now. Again… IIRC last time I had it, I’d moved my welding goggles too far away. XD
But I’m sure I’ve got them around here, but no option to put “recharging station” into a frame/vehicle.

You need to install the battery charger inside a cargo space so that it can actually hold the batteries to be charged. I ran into that little problem myself.


Thanks! With it not showing at all in the install menu, the requirement totally missed me. Is it fair to rebalance it to allow a couple of other types of storage spaces? Storage space needs like a ton of ropes. :stuck_out_tongue:

My bad. Not a literal “cargo space.” To my knowledge, any vehicle part that can hold cargo will work. I’m using a wooden box.

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Ah, that makes sense. IIRC that’s probably where I got confused pre-update. Eventually installed a floor trunk and it worked. (Previously, and just now!)

Thanks!.. now to rebuild this on the ground/roof for light and solars… putting it by the windows does not work. XD

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Best of luck with your solar energy needs. :+1:

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Still trying to figure out how to get a UPS to charge… or a ups conversion mod tool to charge in the station… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. Working now! UPSs are charging now. :slight_smile:
UPS conversion mod tools, now don’t show their own independent charge. That confused me. But no worries, I’ll carry the tool + a UPS (instead of trying to loading the UPS battery into the tool).

So description of the UPS mod might need changing, unless the UPS recharger can power it while in the charger?

to whom it concerns: in git 00efc6d7fe at least (january), battery charger keeps charging even after being turned off.

Pretty sure that’s kind-of international.

Battery charger is super-simplified by design so that it can work even on vehicles with no control surfaces (to turn it on/off).

Erm. Then I’d expect it to be always on for such vehicles, and for the toggle to work on vehicles that have it.

Yes. If there is a switch it ought to work. If the part shouldn’t be turned on/off it ought not to be listed as one that can be controlled.

I agree that it should not be listed as something that can be controller.
Than again, can’t you just refrain from putting anything into it that can be charged — and then it will not draw any power?