Powering Weapons via Bionic Power

Basically, I think it would be really cool if you could make something that attaches on to battery-using devices, and when they are equipped, they are powered through your internal power systems rather than batteries.

There is already a rechargeable battery mod… But hell, a CBM that can recharge your Cybernetics OR use your Cybernetics to charge other things could be cool. Question is whether charging your hydraulic muscles by plugging into your solar car sounds like an unfair advantage

A rechargeable power CBM makes sense.
Just have some power wastage to balance it out, i.e. 500 stored car power = 1 bionic power.
Maybe at need some time to charge you up time as well.

I like the idea of a really power full cyborg that need to rest in a recharging chamber to recharge, bit like Darth Vader.

Two things would make this happen, one would be a mod that makes your electricity-consuming gun or tool run from a UPS, the other is a CBM that makes your bionic power act as a UPS. Use both and you’re set.

I think this is a very good idea; Bionics are meant for convenience and power, this fits both very well indeed.

However… conversion factor. Bionic power is, IMO, annoyingly different from vehicle and battery power; if that tangle could be fixed I would be so happy!

There could be a battery mod that converts the electronic item with a thing for it to run off of bionic power…

There could, but I’ve already coded 100+ lines for Kevin’s way. So that’s probably the most likely scenario for now.

I’d like a gun straight out of “Videodrome” that fires out projectiles made of you. Bone marrow at ten thousand feet per second, excrutiating, but you’re Max fucking Woods, man.

What, fire from pain and HP? That’s… >_>

Yea somebody is already working on it, judging from the latest source I compiled, there’s a Unified Power Supply CBM, it doesn’t work for everything a UPS works on yet but it is in the experimental.

What about the Power Armor Interface CBM (and mk2)? Doesn’t that already provide a similar function?

It powers powered armor, and that’s it. The new aug powers anything that takes a UPS. Which means that we should probably put them side-by-side and make sure the dedicated aug is more efficient, but that can wait.

Or just scrap the dedicated aug. Power conversion is power conversion no? And Power armor can already run off a UPS.

I feel that making it a permanent mod to the item, to run off bionic energy. That way you either charge it with batteries, your car, or your tension ratchet.

I know that if this was added I would actually start using weapons that now require UPSs.