Can you no longer upgrade some/weapons to ++ status?

I’ve just upgraded to the new experimental and after going on a Kevlar Hulk killing spree my Steel Spear was damaged down to ‘standard’. Checking in the boot of my car I saw that my resin cords had disappeared and the weapon description and my crafting menu had also altered. I eventually picked up a repair kit which said it couldn’t do anything further and then I tried an arc welder. Still nothing.

Has it gone for good does anyone know :frowning: ?

Yeah improving most weapon by over repairing them is gone


See this
and this

Ah, sorrow… That was really handy for the extra damage. Killing hulks will take even longer now.

Thanks for the reply.

It looks like there might possibly be some sort of sharpening system implemented at some point which would be good.

Doesn’t help me now of course :slight_smile:

Darn, now I have no good way to uniquify things.

You can always name them.