Upcoming 0.F : what players can expect?

i’ve been anticipating the release of 0.F stable (because so many mechanism that im familiar with has changed drastically) and im thinking that maybe some players would ask about what’s new in 0.F stable.

and so in this thread/post, i would like to ask about new features, changes and balancing that players can experience when 0.F stable is released. but not all of it, just major new feature players can experience on release.

I think nested containers would be a safe bet now that most of the bugs have been worked out. Auto drive and travel seems also like it will be included along with the new labs.

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I’d also say expect a significant slowdown in general. Haven’t been playing for a while, and now after updating to 10898 from something like 10850, i now can see the game being slower, as in each turn taking measurable amount of time on my default zoom level. Before, I could just press direction button (or ‘5’ if in vehicle) and the game would spend about 0.3-0.5 seconds per turn, now it is 1 second+ and I just can’t play like that.
idk if NCs were worth such a slowdown. That is, if they are the culprit - I played for some time with experimental NC builds and it wasn’t this bad, this is a recent development. Here’s to hoping it gets fixed for release.

the significant slowdown is a problem i also experienced on latest experimental and there’s lot of possible cause i found, from Z-level to game’s internal loading system.

it will be possibly fixed during 0.F release phase.

we’ll release a changelog when we release 0.F. otherwise… you can expect experimental but less bugs and better performance.

Let’s hope for it.
/rant start
Currently the game is in the state where I just stopped playing exclusively because of poor performance. And the worst thing is, it is not consistent.
In previous versions, even on early NC builds, it depended on zoom level and amount of actors nearby, but at least I knew: if I set zoom level to X then I can expect Y turns per second. Say, stable 5.5 TPS when moving on foot, and about 2 stable TPS when running in a vehicle. I could just hold button while walking or set the pace while driving and it would be fine.
Currently, it fluctuates between something like 0.7 and 1.2 TPS, and it does so abso-f***ing-lutely randomly, even if nothing around me changes. That’s the thing I cannot get used to. Tested this by both walking around my mobile base, and driving scout vehicle through empty fields, then through city outskirts. Seems like performance doesn’t depend on number of actors*, and even zoom levels don’t affect it much, except the highest two. The problem is somewhere else, it’s something the game does each turn regardless of how many things it has to render. And for some reason it takes visually perceptible different amount of time.

*- i know it actually does, just that increase is minuscule compared to that per-turn random component.
/rant stop

I’ve actually found out what was causing the lag. About 600 Merches in a satchel in my suit. Took them out and the geisenlag was gone. Still, something should be done with it. Why are merches non-stackable, anyway?

kevlar hulks :grinning: :smiley: (censored for being fake news)

Uh, no. Kevlar Hulks are in the game since 11. March 2019, so they are already in the 0.E stable.

Fewer Kevlar hulks actually, by far. There was a glitch almost totally blocking my other soldier evolutions from appearing.

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Will we have to wait for 0.F or it can be rolled out sooner?

You can check the progress on the 0.F release on Github, as linked in the “0.F is coming soon!” forum topic.

Experimental is the in-progress 0.F, basically. The transition to a stable release is generally fairly unimpressive for anyone on the experimental version.

if you’re playing stable, I’d suggest just waiting for release, but you can taste the bug-ridden pre-release version any time.

looks like the 0.F progress has reached 50% and still going up.

lots of interesting progress too.