Unused .22 Casings

Is there any way to tear these apart to get the primer and casings?

No, .22 is rimfire, so the primer is built into the casing.

rimfire - yes. but casing may be reloaded. :slight_smile:

The chemical composition of the incendiary substance to fuse the casing Flaubert.22 are no different from the capsules of the bullets of the centralfire. in one [Russian-speaking] video showed the man how reload casings from Flaubert cartridges and caps on hunting rifles. the only difference is in what place the needle hits the trigger - in the center or on the rim. that’s all the difference.
It can be a recipe for the production of capsules in big rifles modify the recipe of reloading cartridges Flaubert \ .22

can use damage level arter each fire from cartridge.

if there was a new casing that will be scratched after fire.
He was scratched when the next shot will be badly scratched. and so on. and after the last recharge and shot - such casing disappears.

You can write a message that the cartridge is completely corrupted and you threw it. that is, it does not fall to the ground where it can be collected - and it probably will collect - but you throw out after using it, because it really has become unusable because the rim on his left “living spaces”

I like that idea, vivat. We could also add in chance of jamming/misfire/dud based on ammo damage then have ammo of various damage levels around the world. Could do the same thing with non-rimfire cases but have a lower chance of “damaging” the casing each time it’s fired to represent the larger re-use rate available to centerfire cases.

Apparently you CAN reload rimfire but it’s tedious. Not to mention potentially unreliable, resulting in a misfire if the hammer or firing pin hits the dented part. This guy uses certain matcheads and acetone to create the primer compound. It turns into a paste and he then scrapes it inside/into the rim, and waits for it to dry up.

Suggested tools for CDDA:

  • A level 1 cutting tool
  • A reloading tool
  • A level 1 poking tool (non-existent currently), or a screwdriver, or scrap metal
  • A plastic straw, or a syringe (for collecting and delivering the acetone drops)

Suggested ingredients:

  • Acetone
  • Matchbook (possibly create a new match type)
  • Blackpowder or gunpowder
  • .22 casings
  • Lead