Unsure of what to do next in my current run

I’ve had quite a good run thus far, lots of weapons, ammo, medical supplies, a WIP farm, a few friends from a terrifying encounter with a Mi-go scout tower, a few beat up vehicles, easy water access, plenty of gasoline from a town I unwittingly cleared out, and even a small stock of food.

However I have no idea what to do next, there is the FEMA delivery quest but I very worried about preparing my vehicles and armor, as the Hub-01 location is around two cities away. Should I just wing it or should I just continue prepare? If so, how much and how should I prepare?

Don’t wing or rush it, use your resource advantage to take things slow and work a relatively safe path through the cities. It’ll take time, but you’ve got resources to burn, and a slow approach will help you figure out if there’s any obvious gaps in your equipment.

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