Unresponsive and Memory usage baloons indefinately

Some kind of memory leak? I don’t program, I can’t replicate it, and I’m sorry I can’t describe it better, but this thing is plaguing me.

This is the third or fourth time this has happened to me since 7.0 at least if not 6.x. I didn’t report this initially as I can’t replicate it or draw any conclusions as to what triggers it. It just happens, I kill the process, reboot and reload prior save and continue like it never happened.

However it keeps happening and I’m surprised I don’t see any thread on this.

It will become unresponsive, freeze, and just sit there using 100% of whatever core its running on. It’s not like an invisible debug pause or anything. It’s frozen, can’t alt-tab back into it. I’ve had crashes like that on older versions before. Now the part where this is not just any normal crash I’ve run into before is that monitoring it in the task manager once it freezes, it’s allocating ~500 KB of RAM every second until I kill the process. I’ve walked off for some time, come back, and it’s still allocating ~500 KB of RAM just indefinitely.

Granted I haven’t left it for the 3+ hours required to see if it really will eat all my RAM, I’m pretty damned sure it wasn’t normal in-game generation or something given the last time it occurred in the middle of well explored area.

The combination of unresponsiveness and increasing memory use means this is a loop that’s never exiting. Unfortunately no way to narrow it down unless we can get it to happen and attach a debugger to it.

I’ve had a similar problem with the experimental build. Whenever I switch a radio to scan mode the program halts up and CPU use shoots up to 99. Do you walk around with a radio on? Maybe it’s related.