[0.8-2054-g0eaaafd] Large vehicles cause CPU usage increase

Not sure if there’s any way to fix this (Other than making a smaller vehicle) but I thought I’d throw that out there. Sadly, until then the RMCC is gonna have to be retired. My poor glorified calculator can’t handle it. XDD

While doing what, specifically? Driving around? Installing parts? Collisions? All of the above?

Also, is it console or tiles?

Most stuff involving vehicles scales linearly (every part added causes a fixed extra number of steps) but one particularly costly thing is a breadth-first-search done when trying to remove parts to ensure you’re not going to shear the vehicle in half.

It varies, in order of most CPU usage increase to least:

Driving (Or the vehicle moving at all)
Fueling/charging (There’s over 40 tanks for gas alone)
Accessing Cargo

Any time the vehicle is on screen there’s a noticeable frame rate loss and a CPU usage increase of almost 10% on my shitty laptop. (1.6 Intel Pentium GHz Dual Core) Is CDDA built with multi-core in mind? I know DF isn’t and it actually runs worse on multi-core systems (though it’s negligible on higher-end multi-core systems).

Can you zip up your save dir and send?

…Not anymore, I can try to rebuild it in the newer version but it will take some time.

I’m about seven (in-game) days into the build, it’s not even half done but my crap laptop is getting worse. It’s not CDDA, it’s the System Interrupts, that said there is a noticeable increase in CPU usage in what’s just there. Save Folder

Keep that save handy, I’m optimizing and should be done soon. Can either of you compile from git?