Possible Memory Leak?

Played for a good long while in build 3604 and though it did take a few hours, I noticed some slowdown that ended in a crash. Which sucked because I had done like 30+ days and got a ton of progress made. Wiped it and started a new world, ain’t got time for that.

I don’t have any definitive proof that there is a memory leak but it smelled a lot like one. Might be worth looking into.

Did you have Z-levels enabled? I had a similar issue with a game I was playing where at a certain point it was slowing way down and would crash on me as well. While I’m not certain, I think it may have been due to Z-levels because I was getting a ton of messages about hearing things from “such-and-such direction and down”, like there were just too many zombies loading in this area for the game to handle it or something. Or it’s possible I’m completely wrong and it was due to something else entirely.

Do you save the game periodically, for example with autosave?

High memory usage before save is fine, but it should drop after it. That’s because all visited map sections are stored until the game is saved.

I do not. It bites me in the ass every time. Need to enable that by default…