Unrealistic and insane explosives

Let’s analyze the bomb from the pipe.

  1. Ammonium nitrate, or even more so its granules (immediately from the bag) are not capable of detonating (if we are not talking about many tons).
    1.1. Explosives as ANFO or any mixture of ammonium nitrate with animal fat/oil/wax/paraffin are very inert and safe to detonate, not enough 10 grams of primary explosive. An intermediate detonator is used to detonate such charges.
    (checkers) from explosives as TNT weighing 50-400 grams.
    1.2. I personally wouldn’t use pure RDX for the main charge because it’s not safe and the same goes for mercury fulminate or lead azide (needs to be experienced to handle them safely, not something I would recommend starting with).
  2. Red phosphorus and all types of smokeless or black powder cannot cause detonation.
  3. Detonator size.
    14 units of HMTD is 0.01 kg, that is, as much as 10 grams! (Also, 10 grams does not take up a volume of 10 milliliters, usually a bulk density of 0.66)
    That’s a lot, a lot. I’m not going to talk about the dangers of organic peroxides (I’ve used them myself) just saying as a fact using detonators over 0.5-1 gram of HMTD/TATP/lead azide/mercury fulminate is a claim for serious injury. Such an amount will easily tear off the fingers, injure the hand and cause hearing problems up to the rupture of the eardrums, and also possibly injure the eyes here, how lucky… And of course, fragments all over the body:)
    The normal amount of primary explosive is 100-200 milligrams, but it will not be a detonator. To make a detonator, these 100-200 milligrams must be pressed on top of a less sensitive explosive such as TNT / RDX / PETN / ETN in an amount of 1-2 grams.
    Also if we look at large charges like barrels of 50-100 liters we will see a huge amount of TATP / HMTD and everything else that point 1.1 should not be used.
    Overall, I see progress in this game and I like it… It took me quite a while to write this, I hope it helps to make the game better.

P.s. This is public data and not a secret, but I speak from experience.