Unpicked Rotten Wild Vegetables/strawberries etc

I’m fairly new to the game, so not sure if this is part of the plotline, but…

It’s day 10 in and i decided to have a break from the standard diet of meat and water - but all veges and wild fruit i go to forage are rotten, before they’re picked.

is this normal?

Wild veggies can be cooked. And when you cook em they go… fresh for some odd reason. Theres no way to eat wild fruit like apples and blueberries after a few days, I think. Unless you have a recipe for those

Baking rotten fruit into a Pie is fine. Pressing rotten fruit for juice yields rotten juice.

I’d concur that vegetables shouldn’t rot until after they’ve been foraged; that’s the point of root vegetables, that they keep fine whilst underground. Berries might better be picked off by local birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc–they’d pay attention and keep things clean! Apples wold probably be OK on-tree put they fall when ripe, so there’s that.

Request: foraging a blueberry bush auto-picks the blueberries, rather than placing them into the bush and unmarking it (so, in a classic roguelike gotcha*, if you don’t realize that you have to manually pick the berries, you can now forget where they were.) If I say Y I want to pick blueberries, they shouldn’t remain on the bush.

*To be clear: Gotchas are to be avoided. Thanks.

since writing i’ve discovered quite a number of ‘fresh’ blueberries/apples/strawberries etc. think i just had a bad foraging run. thanks for the advice on cooking rotten stuff - nothing in comparison to the things i have pulled out of my fridge over the years…

Rotten Wild Veggies, apples, etc. was a bug that has since been fixed; although I don’t think the fix is in 0.3; it will be in 0.4.