Unloading containers destroying liquids

I have been unloading liquids from one container to another, for example, pouring bottles of water into a jerry can. If you are wielding the target container, after you finish a sequence of unloading, you might accidently try to “(U)nload” it, especially if the container is designated “U”. This does not always prompt for a target container, the liquid inside disappears, and does not fall to the ground as if it were dumped out. I’ve done some testing and I can’t reliably reproduce it every time, but it happens quite often.

I’m using the today’s experimental, 0.7.1-166-g6fb9379.

It can be reproduced by refilling a vehicle. Stand next to it, select (U)nload on gasoline container, refill vehicle -> yes. When system ask for direction to refill, hit 5 on numpad (wait/no direction). You will get error message that it is wrong direction and gasoline will vanish.

EDIT: I’m running last “stable” version from website (0.7).

That is quite similar, but there is no prompt for a container to fill, just immediate destruction of the liquid when (U)nloading a wielded container. There is no “refill vehicle” prompt because I wasn’t working with gasoline. What should happen when you (U)nload your wielded container from the main game screen, is a prompt for the container to unload to, or whether to fuel a vehicle in the case of gas. The prompt for a container does usually show up, just not in all circumstances for some reason. I have not had this issue since I stopped wielding containers that I am working with.