"Warning: You're about to dump out all of your water by mistake!"

Ever since nested containers were added to the game, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to put a bunch of stuff down, only to dump out multiple bottles of liquids by mistake.

It would be really nice if the game would stop and warn you if you’re about to pour a contained liquid onto the ground – or eliminate the ability to ‘Drop’ liquid objects entirely since I can’t think of any situation where I’d want to drop water onto the ground without the bottle… and if I ever DID, I have the ability to unload the bottle it’s in.

Alternatively, just move any items stored in a container to the bottom of the item screen, and raise the ‘Containers’ section above them. That way, when going down the list, the first thing people will see is the container and not the item stored inside the container.

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There’s a suggestion on github related to that:

I just used that yesterday to put out a fire in my house (well, not my house, it was in the game, and my character did it, and it wasn’t even his house, but a furniture shop, and he was naked - but that’s an other story).
It was faster to just drop 1 water out of a bottle than to unload it into a smaller flask and unload it from there onto the ground/fire.

Which is fine, but a warning would be nice, since you can’t pick up water from the ground once you’ve dumped it. Right now, I feel like it’s too easy to accidentally dump items out of containers rather than just put the container down.