(0.5) Unloading water... vanished?!

When you have plastic bottles of water that are half full(as plastic bottle of water (1)), and decide to unload them at other bottles of water that are half full…

you can’t, you lose that water. Same thing when it’s clean water at both bottles.

Yeah, I was testing this earlier.

One of the tests I did was using kegs with 150[size=7pt]/200[/size] portions; trying to fill from the same stack would result in a keg of 100[size=7pt]/200[/size] portions instead of 100 and 200.

What happens is :
[ol][li]the Unload function is called on a container and takes its liquid-content[/li]
[li]the liquid_handler function is called on with the liquid and told what container to use, by the Unload function[/li]
[li]the liquid_handler function tells the Unload function how much liquid is left over[/li]
[li]the Unload function then dumps out its container and put in the left over liquid[/li][/ol]

The Unload function really needs a sanity check to keep from passing the same container to liquid…

I’ll get right on that.

EDIT: autoformatting badly messing this post up.

Yeah the liquid handling code is some of the more nasty code that Whales left behind, as such while it’s on the list of things that needs to be looked at, we’re still kinda waiting for a dev to gather the courage to dive into it and figure out what the heck is going on and how to fix it.