Union Suit encumbrance

Ok I know this is a very minor thing, and it might not qualify as a bug, but it bugs me to no end.
Both top and bottom long underwear are encumbrance 1, but the union suit is encumbrance 2. They offer the same coverage, the same warmth, the same lack of protection. Seems like union suits should be reduced to 1 as well, or at least given an increased warmth level or something to make them actually worth using by comparison.

That flap on the butt sure does weigh you down, huh?

It is a bug though, as the recipe for union suit is long underwear top + long underwear bottom, and requires a book to learn. Why would you ever make one outside of weird lumberjack/christmas morning roleplays?


I wouldnt mind them if they were worthwhile. Like if they were more warmth-giving, or had less encumbrance than the lesser of its parts. But as they stand they are strictly mechanically inferior choices that require active effort to obtain.

Slightly more coverage and warmth wouls be reasonable for sure, not sure if additional encumbrance is called for, probably not.

only for personal intrest: whats the coverage for exactly? what does it influence?

[quote=“AgtTacklberry, post:5, topic:11417”]only for personal intrest: whats the coverage for exactly? what does it influence?[/quote]Chance of attacks ignoring the armor completely. 95% coverage means there’s a 5% chance the attack won’t consider the armor piece at all for damage reduction.

ok. thx!

Thoughts? Feedback wanted on the numbers I used, particularly warmth and recipe difficulty. And it’s actually got an access point now, we don’t need to stretch out the neckhole to climb into it!

i like it…
simple and useful :wink:

(did i mention that i was using union suits before this PR? they were helping reduce clutter in my worn items. Its winter? Just add a union suit, glove & helmet liners + wool socks. Its an ice lab? Stack 2x + maybe wool padding! But i hdn’t noticed the disparity between the long underwears and the suit)

Really happy to see my question getting so much notice, thanks guys. I love this game