Small item volume issues

It seems that there are many things that should be volume 0 especially when compared to items with volume 1. In the experimental any kind of drug has volume 1, even one dose worth. Rolling papers have a volume of 1. In comparison a pair of socks, a pair of work gloves, a punch dagger, all have volume 1 as well. In reality you could carry many doses of whatever pills or drugs or rolling papers in the same volume as a pair of wool socks. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense, especially when ten pills of the the same drug has 1/10 the volume as 10 pills of different drugs.

id be happy to have the volume 0 if you stopped being able to keep meds magically seperated.

packaging is 1 volume for most items.

and, socks can be balled up into fist sized pairs

You can’t keep pills loose in a backpack. Requiring that 1 to represent some sort of (abstracted out) plastic container makes much more sense than allowing bullshit like a bag of cocaine, flour, aspirin and salt, all mixed up, yet easy to pick individual items from.

Really what I’d like to see is eventual granularity upgrade of the volume system (Similar to what we got when the granularity of the weight system went from 1/4lbs->1 gram). Of course you gotta be able to handle rigid/soft containers first, but it’s definitely something I’d like to eventually see.