Underground ant hill generation garbled (build 6784

0.C-23959-g8a96896 latest experimental at the time

Ant nests are pretty messed up right now (atleast the two ive found in my playthrough)

https://gyazo.com/b5237845ba332eab994a9f2d427605db Here is an example some of the anthill map, half the tiles are just blank blocks
https://gyazo.com/954e82b97e1f14ac91c9ac6e5b519590 https://gyazo.com/55e4b5ed71bc497a0e3483a113f72cf4
the actual structure is messed up too, all the chambers are blocked off leaving only leaving the hallways accessible. the chambers are also pretty empty but that might just be an actual change or my spawn rates

the ants and above ground structure is fine but the whole underground is messed up

Thought it was just me

Looking at the map and then scrolling jumbles up the map display of ant hills to.