I'm in the middle of nowhere and 'from the northwest and below I hear a Brrrrap!'

I’m very curious about what this might be, and I have no clue how to access it. Like I said, I’m in the middle of nowhere. The nearest landmark is several overmap tiles away, with no building/location that might even vaguely hint at a way down.
I’m currently on a road surrounded by forest, in case that offers any help.
EDIT: I found a crap ton of ants relatively nearby, so their ant mound might have some sort of connection to it, the problem still stands that I don’t have any indicator of anything that might go down on the overmap though.
EDIT 2: Oh dang, hidden in the forest is apparently both a science lab and an ant hill. They are both considerably far away from the location of the ‘brrap’ but I know that they do lead a layer down. I might try one of those out once I’m in a better spot to do so.

It will probably be a lab underground with a turret shooting things; they sprawl a long way. If you feel great curiousity you can build stairs down and break in via the ceiling.

That sounds to me like that may be it, as I found the lab on the surface a ways away. Although the surface lab is like a dozen tiles away from where I heard the sound.
Also, there’s an anthill close by the lab would that possibly cause any generation issues?

What do you mean by generation issues? The two things can overlap which leads to labs overrun with ants.

That’s what I meant.

They are contained to the level that they meet as ants don’t seem to use stairs.

I believe that the lab goes more than one level down, do ant mounds do that too?

I’ve never explored one that does but I don’t have really extensive experience. Ant hills are sort of boring.

I had always assumed that anthills were rather boring

Yeah, when ant nests overlap labs, sometimes an ant gets ahold of a can of beans. They don’t digest beans well, even worse than most humans do. BRRRAAAPP!

Ok, on a more serious note, sometimes labs are created that connect to the subway system. I’m not sure if they can be connected only to the subway, or if they also always have a surface entrance, but I’ve seen mention of manholes in the middle of the forest. I’ve heard explosions and other sounds from below ground in the middle of open fields, a couple dozen overmap tiles from a big lab. Seems too far to be one continuous lab, but probably was two labs connected by subway.


Measly dozen tiles is not nearly the limit.

There was more on lowest and 2nd from lowest levels but I burned out at that point.

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Labs can also have their own special inter-lab subways.

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