Disconnected ant hill

Ran into a sulpherous anthill in my world that just did not have a Queen chamber. There was another (regular) anthill nearby, whose tunnels were in adjacent tiles (but no connection between tunnels). Suspect that the generation of the second anthill might have overwritten part of the first anthill ro something. Additionally there were a bunch of tiles at the North end of the anthill’s tunnels that showed 4 way intersections, but the north one just lead to solid rock with no connecting tunnels (checked with debugged clairvoyance artifact, and there are at least 3 tiles of solid rock north of them. Checked with debug reveal overmap and there still was no queen chamber.

It happened to me too, I’ve searched a whole anthill ( normal kind ) few days ago and despite searching it top to bottom no queen was found.

Was there anything else in the underground of that area? Because the only possibility I can think of is that the anthill is generated, and then the other thing is generated later and overwrites the tiles, removing the queen.

I had the same issue. On my gane it seemed that the anthill (regular) intersected a lab (standard) at several points. It seems as if the lab overwrote the queen, although I cant prove this. This was on a build that was about a month old but dont remember the number, upgrades and all.

I’n my case the anthill was somewhat closeish to a lab, but there was still a few tiles difference. Unless labs take a fixed amount of space underground and then randomly generate the tiles in that fixed space I don’t think that should interfere with the anthill.

Here’s a screen:

I should have taken a pic of my situation because it actually looked like the lab overwrote some of the ant hill, but in your case I don’t know where it went. Interesting.

Looking at the right side of the ant colony, however, I can make a guess. It looks as if it spawned at the edge of an overmap section. And there was not enough room to spawn the queen chamber, hence the dead ends. Does the top (surface) map have a sort of ‘line’ where forest/swamp/fields spawned? Like maybe located in the same place the dead ends are to support this?

That’s exactly it. On the surfact a tile East of the dead ends begins a straight line of swamps and occassional forest tile.

Looks like we narrowed it down some guys. Maybe a dev could look into redoing the anthill spawning mechanics? As soon as i figure out github, i could try to put a request there.

Can confirm that my bugged anthill was also on the very edge of an overmap section. Revealed the overmap while debugging, and the line where the revealed section ended was right where the anthill abruptly ended in a bunch of dead ends