[ 0.8-1664-gb5a4044 ] (Science lab) (anthill)

First, i’v cleared the queen of an anthill (map position 1’22, 0’3)
Then i’v check an lab nearby (map position 1’14, 0’2)
The first stair of the lab needed a rope to go down; and then i was in the anthill, in a larva chamber.

I didn’t change any value in the option about size of city, etc.

Don’t spaming of lab & anthill check level -1 area before ? Not sure if it’s intended or not.

Also, i noticed that some area on the map can’t be discovered. (1’11,0’1 & 1’12, 0’1 as example)

More, my game crash sometime when i load the game while in thoose area !

Iv tryed to reveal the map using debug menu, but it only affect a large square of the map upside my area, so no effect where i stand. (reveal effect start 3 square upside)

This is still a bug. I recently got it in an experimental.

I went to a Science Lab, went down to top level (sheer drop. Had it before. Went straight to a secu-bot infested CBM storage!) and suddenly I’m in an Anthill. There was a lot of lab loot scattered around the ant hill, most noticeably Metabolical Interchange CBMs in every loot chamber and gallons of Ammonia. I later found a stairs up, and found myself at the Anthill entrance.

There were absolutely no ants inside.

It’s called random generation.

But this happening is interesting.

Anthills need some love, yeah. Underground mapgen has had issues for a while.