Unarmed damage from armor

Do things like gauntlets add damage to your unarmed strikes? I’ve read contradictory things.

If they don’t, they should! :grinning:

  • Shane

I would assume so but not actually sure. I’m not aware of anyway to actually check your unarmed damage though which always makes things complicated.

As far as I’m aware, armor is used to affect smashing damage, where you’ll use your most well armored bodypart to help smash things. It doesn’t affect unarmed damage on its own.

If you want to test it, make a sacrificial character, punch up some zeds and track the damage. Then start another debug guy (to avoid skill bonus, you could also clear the stats but fresh slate is good for science) and give him some good gloves and see how it goes. CDDA science tends to involve a lot of sacrificial day one survivors.


alternatively, instead of fresh characters, you could use a no-pool full stat character, where you punching things wouldnt possibly give you enough experience, so all damage would be the same regardless

made a bio-soldier, 25 stats across the board, 15 in melee. punchin zombie soldiers (cause they all have similar stuff on, esapi vests, decent-ish armor.)

did on average between 16 and 36 damage, unarmed, completely naked.

spawned in some chainmail gauntlets, no diffrence.

HOWEVER, i noticed that on a lot of diffrent pairs of gloves, they have stats for a melee weapon. fur gloves, (and most of the gloves that have these stats) have an ‘average melee damage’ section which shows that they do about 29 damage, and thats based off my stats.

now… that said, putting on those fur gloves didnt seem to increase or decrease my melee damage, so i couldnt say if they make a diffrence… but its always a possibility that the more encumberance you have specifically on your hands, the more ‘weighty’ your punches are, but also slower, and the lighter they are, the less damage they do, but they’re faster.

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In my opinion, better way to test with help of debug and similar things is to make gloves with 999 bashing damage, and then make character wear gloves and punch zombies.

I suppose “fur gloves bashing damage” will only work when character wields those gloves and slaps zombies with them, without wearing on hands.

This is how I figured they work, currently. I wouldn’t want to just use encumbrance because Winter Gloves, for ex, shouldn’t have more effect than, say, armored gauntlets. I was wondering if the melee damage factored into the unarmed, but probably not.

  • Shane

after some more testing, it appears that no they do not, and yes, you have to (w)ield them as an improvised weapon.

i guess having armor on DOES make it less likely that you’ll get major damages to your arms as you punch zombies, considering, so you technically will be doing ‘more’ damage over the long term, because your body parts wont get as damaged.

So, effectively, armor helps with DoT instead of DPS

Well, if I were to change things I’d look at:

Earplugs - they give an effect but only while worn (unlike binoculars, for example) and

Sharp Fingernails mutation - they give a damage bonus but only when unarmed.

If I could figure out how those work in the JSON’s I’d mod it, but I’d need to know what flags to use.

Maybe I’ll try to muddle through…

  • Shane

of note: i dont think the sharp fingernails or even the claws mutation work if you are wearing any gloves (possibly work if you’re wearing fingerless gloves?)

I agree
and also extra damage from having your arm turned into a Fusion blaster

#buff The blaster

yeees, with a chance of damaging the CBM and causing it to leak plasma into your bloodstream!

There’s a very large difference between blood plasma, and the plasma matter state.

The latter will turn anything into gas (possibly putting it on fire in the process) until it cools down enough to become super heated gas (which will continue to share it’s energy with the environment until cooled down to the ambient temperature).

A hypothetical plasma weapon would most likely generate plasma as part of the firing process, as plasma containment is extremely tricky in itself, and you’d have to add 100% effective heat radiation reflection back to the plasma on top of that to keep it as some kind of fuel, or the carrier would get fried by its heat.

However, assuming the blaster is made of metal, you’d whack your target with what’s more or less a metal pipe or tube arm (and, yes, risk damaging it in the process).

i meant the plasma that the cannon discharges. because its a fusion blaster… as in, ‘You may use your energy banks to fire a damaging heat ray’ wiki

but yes thanks for the science lesson~

Edit: in case it wasnt obvious yet.

… i was joking. but yes, its a very bad idea to swing dangerous not-fully-understood prototype weaponry around.

exactly that would be more realistic
speaking of realistic things shouldn’t it give you some armor in your left arm Maybe like 3

#Buff The blaster