Brass/Steel Knuckles

Just a quick question. Do Steel Knuckles only count as a blunt weapon, or do they also count as an unarmed weapon?

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They have the “Unarmed_Weapon” flag, so they’re compatible with martial arts.

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Bare knuckles is best knuckles.

Not all martial arts will accept unarmed weapons.

Karate only works with bare hands, for example.

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So… Did you get a morale penalty for that or what? Lol.[/quote]
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Moving on past that phrasing, knuckles/UNARMED_WEAPONs are just a straight damage bonus over bare hands, assuming the martial art is compatible, right?

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This is basic science, you guys.

Unless I’m reading melee.cpp wrong, bashing damage (and bashing skill) from the unarmed weapon is totally ignored, while cutting/piercing damage is added as if it wasn’t an unarmed weapon.
However if your weapon is an unarmed strike weapon, your claw mutations will add their cutting or piercing damage (they add to both, but only the higher value is used) as long as you have nothing on your hands.

Actually not nothing - for some reason mutations add cutting damage to attacks only if you ARE wearing something, while stabbing ones only if you aren’t. That’s probably a bug.

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Also, this got kinda confusing so allow me to ask again.
Assuming that when you put on your knuckles and your unarmed style still works, are the knuckles worth it? (they do slow attacks)

If the info in my post above is correct, any unarmed weapon that only deals bashing damage is automatically not worth using.

SO punch dagger is best dagger?