NPC Status and Healing

A plea to help save the brave retard - Jasmin Rogersloses

She decided (as you do) to go mess with a wolf before breakfast on day 2 and got her head, arm and boobs ripped open. I managed to put the wolf down, but she is bleeding out. I’ve got some bandages, but of course, I can only apply those to myself. It would be cool if we’re able to heal our retarded NPC friends so that maybe I am able to just once complete a mission before they off themselves :slight_smile:

It would also be really cool if we are able to see their health and maybe even ailments of NPC’s, if they have any if we have the supporting skill(?) at an adequate level(?).

P.S. Space required between NPC name and condition “loses blood” :wink:

Edit: Jasmin Rogersloses then decided that she would immediately sprint over to a nearby moose to try and kill it before she bleeds out… she failed. But of course the moose now aggroed me but I managed to kill it. It turns out, after butchering it, that this was not just any moose, it was also the nearby town’s TV repairmoose.

'tis only the morning of day 2 and already all indications that this is going to be an interesting and exciting adventure. :smiley:

dem feels bro.

currently, i just hunt NPCs for their equipment. when/if we eventually get a build where joining up with NPCs doesn’t crash the game and where the NPCs respect your property by not snatching anything you’ve picked up and dropped then perhaps i’ll try my hand at keeping one alive.

I know that NPCs will use healing items they have on themselves. I also know that they will tell you “Hey waitaminnit I want to go get that thing” if there is a Useful Item nearby on the ground. However, I do not know if they will break off combat to go get a healing item from the ground.

Being able to use an item on an NPC would be useful. Even if half of the people playing would then proceed to use things like “gallon of ammonia” on their damage sponges/item hoarders just to make them suffer.

Definitely agree that we should be able to heal NPC’s. At the moment the best thing to do would probably be to drop the bandages on the NPC and hope she picks them up and uses them.

How to drop bandages on the NPC?

Get adjacent to the NPC (granted, not always an easy task), capital D-rop, then the direction of the NPC, then the quantity of bandages to drop, then the bandages, then Enter.

You forgot to type # before the number.

Anyway, when I get NPCs to join me, I always edit their combat setting to “only attack stuff I attack first”.

Nope, just typing the number works. Now at least, if it wasn’t that way before. Especially since # is a valid designation for items in your inventory.

I think that it was Jasmin’s soldering iron that got stuck in the moose during the fight.

You should be able to give the NPC an item by entering the trade items screen and giving them something from there. Though, it would be useful to have a conditional "give <thing(s)> to " prompt if you do a directional drop onto the NPC. That would certainly be easier in some circumstances. NPC AI system needs a pretty thorough rewrite…

Not all items in your inventory is listed on the trade screen. I have not spent the time to figure out which are and which aren’t (categorical or other patterns) but bandages aren’t.