Npc's shooting punches?

I keep getting attacked by npcs not wielding any weapon anywhere I can see it. They are hitting me pretty fast but lightly at a decent 10 tile or so range and I can’t for the life of me figure out what they are hitting me with. It’s like they are shooting their fists at me or something and they aren’t moving to chase, just sitting still and acting like punch turrets. No hints at all from the messages, just keeps telling me I either take damage, block, or it fails to hurt me. Inspecting them just says wielding nothing.

0.D.944 running aftershock.

It’s a bug with fleeing NPCs not re-evaluating targets out of range. I need to fix it but it’s going to be take some time to code the fix - probably push it tomorrow or Friday.


Maybe they should do that thing that most PC survivors do and try to pelt you to death with big piles of pebbles for a day or two. :joy:

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Can’t believe everyone’s mastered the Zoom Punch

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These fist of the North Star motherfuckers in here punching air at honest, hardworking survivors…


Awwwww, I thought that maybe that “Master of the Martial arts” NPC got finished finally, and he was hitting you with the power of Ki “DragonBall” style.


Fix submitted: