Typos - 2016

Typos, spelling errors, bad grammar… that kind of stuff here.

protuding - A word I saw in a monster’s description. Can’t remember the name of the monster, of course. It’s probably a fairly recent one, supposedly crocodile-like. That’s all I know, I swear. Should read ‘protruding’.

naplm - When installing a tank into a vehicle, the word reads “naplm tank (60L)”. Should read… ‘napalm’.

It might be a good idea to open an issue on GitHub if you find any more.

“Missing or duplicte clip_size or magazine”

I suppose you have a point. But, you see, I have this thing with registering into things. One would have easier time trying to talk a cat into taking a bath.

You don’t talk a cat into taking a bath, you wear thick gloves.

I think there is a place were people are constantly updating the different game’s languages, and maybe it would be easy to fix there? Sadly i can’t find the link.

I think the naplm thing might just be so it fits on one line or something. It also occurs in a lot of translations.