Two characters, Three horses, One crazy world

My fiance made a character in the same world as me, Window Rock 9, a world where I tamed three horses, then realized I didn’t want three horses (I don’t even have the skill to ride) so I left two behind (then later accidentally crushed mine with a semi truck lol… Oops.) But anyways, my fiance’s peasant found the horse-farm in his play-through and both the horses are automatically friendly to his character too, no cattle fodder required lol. Kinda cool (even though he stole me horsie lol) but also confusing and perhaps exploitable. Is this supposed to happen?

well, did you at least butcher it afterwards so the meat wouldn’t go to waste?

Not supposed per se but that’s how it currently work.

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I will definitely be doing that, but haven’t gotten around to it yet, but no fear, it’s the dead of winter, the corpse is currently frozen solid. No rush, it won’t be rotting anytime soon. I had left my butcher knife at the base, so I’ll do it when I get back.

Omg about that horse… Lol I didn’t get back to my base in time. So now it’s a zombie horse :joy: kind of a waste of meat, but still so cool :black_heart: