Cows and Horses. zCows and zHorses

This should really probably go under ‘needful things’, but I think its a cute idea so I’m putting it here. I think we should have cows and horses in the game. I have seen thousands of these things, and I’ve never once seen a moose or met anyone who has seen a moose while not on vacation. So you know, it might be interesting if we had variants of the farms with cows, and variants with horses, and variants with ZOMBIE COWS and ZOMBIE HORSES.

Because think about how scary a giant zombie cow would be. Or a zombie pig. I mean, in terms of random evil wildlife, I’d think the risk of a zombie cow or horse hunting you down would be much greater then a zombie moose coming a couple hundred miles, really. (unless you in one of the relatively small areas with moose.) You could even have (very small) hordes of zombie cows, and holy cow that would be scary. (har har har)

Heck, you know, there could even be zombie alpaca. Ever see one of those wierd little alpaca hobby farms? … I wonder if you can get wool from zombie alpaca. Hmmm.

I have seen a zombie pig once on a farm, and i’ve seen a few horses and cows in a farm barn a couple times, but the only thing you can really do with them is leave them there and maybe kill and eat them when it’s getting to be winter or something.

All pasture cows and horses were probably killed when the acid rain rolled through, and probably zombified. Lore-wise, the only reason cats and dogs aren’t zombified in such amounts as other creatures ought to be is because they’re either A: too small to be revived (cats) or B: had shelter when the acid rain clouds first came, because most of the stray feral animals were pets.

There’s no acid rain atm nor thoughts of its consequences but irl most if not all pasture animals would be dead and zombified. Save for the odd barn case or something.

Pasturing would be a very interesting yet strange addition to the game though. Build a big indoor farm and breed and raise meat animals, or a ride that is a little less resource intensive than cars. I’m all for future farming development.