Two broad scope questions on Prison Island start

I tried this one, as a Police officer. Managed to explore a good part of the island, killing 12 Zeds overall and 2 brutes before succumbing.

I don’t see how you can escape the island. Build a boat? Not realistic. Swim?

Secondary question, your initial dog. Can you tell him to stay in a specific spot, like a NPC?

I just built a simple rowboat on my two prison escapes. Why don’t you think it’s realistic to do that? They’re really easy to make. I actually used the island as my base in one of them; rowing all around this huge lake to strike at various places then row back with my haul.

IDK first you must overcome basically the entire zombie population, and some are brutes. Depending of the character you choose, that’s ranging from difficult to impossible.

Then you have to build a boat, admittedly I never did that, but I guess it means having all tools from the prison?

Just swim for it, with just pant or something I’ll bet even 1 in swimming would be enough, 2 is definitely enough.

I’ve grinded from 0 skills and materials to building a boat on the prison island. It just requires some grinding to get access to the tools/materials that you need. There’ve been some significant changes to the island recently, so it’s much harder, now, but I’d imagine it isn’t impossible. It’s just, you know, a challenge start that’s meant to be difficult.

Many people who talk about it on discord just take high swim skill at the start and then restart until they find an island near the shore. That seems to be how the majority of people get off the island, but I think that’s really dumb, personally, and completely ignores the whole point of starting on the prison island.

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I don’t think you even need all that high swimming, I’m pretty sure I started with only 2 swimming when I did it though that was a while back. I stripped my survivor down to his pants, swam like that and made it quite easily. Of couse I arrived on shore with nothing but a pair of pants which is troublesome in and of its self. :stuck_out_tongue:

It has been a little while since I played this scenario so it might have changed. When I did it it was difficult but definitely not impossible. I just played cat and mouse around the buildings, slowly picking off the zombies. I ran the stronger ones through the barbed wire to injure and slow them and, if I recall correctly I found a rifle in one of the watch towers eventually. There are proper weapons around for dealing with the stronger ones which can be gotten with some effort/risk. Or there were.

The boat was super easy. Once the island is cleared and probably even without doing it, there are a lot of resources around. You can make a hammer and screwdriver very easily and then you can get planks and nails for building a basic rowboat.

Dodge zombies until you find decent weapons, kill zombies with rifles and guns.

I’ve had at least one prison survivor strip down to almost nothing and swim back and forth to shore, ferrying gear, until he was ready to take over the mainland, and then come back later with a proper rowboat to finish looting the prison.

For obvious reasons that’s not a viable option with winter start.

Well yeah, that’s true. It’s cold enough even on the normal start date never mind a winter start, boat building is pretty much the only option at that point.

Is this assuming the prison does not have a 100 killer robots with machine guns? This scenario does sound intriguing. But every prison I have encounter is chock full of instant kill on sight robo madness. I don’t even get a recognition safe second to react. I normally avoid prisons altogether for this reason.

Thinking I have REALLY terrible luck if everyone can casually walk around and only deal with zombies :man_shrugging:

Island prison has only one robot in the antechamber.