Helicopter Crash On Island [Spoilers]

For anyone interested. Some more about the game I mentioned in another thread.
Might be good to know how a new player crashes into the game also.
Version 689dfa5. Crashed Helicopter and National Guard.
Normally, I would write delicate well-constructed prose about the emergent experiences in the game world, but I am enjoying it so much I am just going to copy-paste my notes so far and get back to the game…

Here is most of the island at day 66…

Day 61
Started crashed helecopter on island.
Have go bag. MRE, multi-tool, clothes, lighter, medical stuff. Should keep me going while I figure things out.
Tried salvaging what I could, cut myself up on wreckage.
Decided to make a weapon as saw giant water-striders.
managed to get a stick from shoulder-checking small tree.
Saw beaver kill water-strider. Oh. maybe not the terrifying monster I imagined…
Or maybe just beware beavers…
Butchered strider.

Need hammering.
Desperate search for rocks. None.
Finally smashed a boulder, got rock.
Smashed up what bits of helicopter I could. cut myself more.
Tore up clothes, got rags, thread, made hammer.
Island has cattails.
Eat cattails. yum.
Try to make fire pit. make digging stick. Try to dig wreckage, cut myself more.
Need rocks. discover can get rocks by digging. Dig lots. Make fire ring.
Use tin can to make clean water store in bottles. Eat cat-tails. unhappy, eat cheese sandwiches. happy.
Make chopper. Chop things. Get logs.

Make cudgel. Kill strider. Butcher strider

Make chisel.
Make shovel.
Dig wreckage. Hooray, steel etc.

Day 66.
Make fibre from cat tails. Need lots for rope for raft. Hopefully enough. Gather, make.
Raft-boat hull 15 short ropes.
Cat-tail is 10 fibre.
Short rope 1800 plant fibre

Making plant fibre is tiring.
Also, might have to start cattail farm.

Maybe more later.

some ideas,

  • use short cordage rope instead of plant fiber
  • remove grass for withered plants
  • learn to fish
  • learn to swim naked if desperate for resources
  • make clay pots for liquid storage
  • dig pits to in way to surround island
  • build metal working setup for tools
  • make boat using metal nails/wood
  • make underground base with pickaxe
  • use excavated stone to wall off island
  • make a tunnel off island

also what does the overmap look like?


Thanks for the suggestions. Nice to know those things are possible. What a great game!

Hopefully I won’t get killed by that Zombeaver I just spotted… :scream:

I don’t rate my chances, I have died in many a roguelike through drink - and it is Friday. Woohoo!

dig full pits ideally making a 2 by 2 square of them. lure beaver onto pits repeatedly until it dies.
alternatively make a wooden spear. then spear it while keeping a gap between you two.
lastly you could light the campfire and lure it on the campfire repeatedly until it dies

Nitpicking: removing grass yields straw, not withered plants.

Spent next couple of days gathering mats and making rope for eventually a raft. going really well and enjoying the sense of progress.

Day 68 a portal storm happens. First I have ever seen in all my play-throughs.

Spent several hours IRL dealing with that, and it’s only been a short while in game time. Character mostly sleeping/waking/sleeping, dealing with the stuff, exhaustion pain nightmares etc. Very atmospheric. Does actually remind me of those times I have experienced multi-dimensional chaos. Very realistic. I have no idea how long it is going to last. Waiting in game does not work for more than a few minutes, ignore distractions doesn’t work against the sleep/wake thing.

Proper apocalypse! Very much bad days ahead! :slight_smile:
More updates soon

End of day 68. Exit portal storm surrounded by blood and with two broken arms.
Nearly a broken head.
looking through the possibiliees it seems I can still make splints, great!
When I try though - I am just too depressed. Still have a little food and water, can chew gum… so maybe in time…
Looking through options tried to pick lotus flower but didn’t make me happy.
To weak to wield smart phone with two broken arms.
Wait, it plays music! Happy days!
I can craft!
I am too weak to wield my in-progress arm splint…
Very thirsty, very hungry.

I try to make clean water, but can only manage a few percent of it before I pass out and drop it.
Upon coming round, I am too weak to weild it so have to start again, pass out…

light fire, so cold, make water. pass out.
Even my cattails are rotten.
Even though I have the morale to craft arm splints and water, the continual passing out, spasms, and general exhaustion render it impossible. Arm splints still at 0% Many in-progress clean-waters that cannot be wielded…
My head finally broke.
The end.

Well - I thought that I might get eaten or starve on this island, turns out it was much more interesting… :slight_smile:
Learned loads and already diving into the next one.