Tweak to sports drink description and enjoyability

I thought this tweak to the sports drink description to be more correct and setting the enjoyability to 1 instead of -1 is a more accurate representation of gatorade(I assume gatorade since SPAM is also a thing in CDDA). Curious to see what y’all think

For me, ignoring other stuff on the shot, :wink: the description is dead on.

I think you will get varying arguements on the enjoyability. I don’t know if you are familiar with jungle juice (or any other ultra cheap “fruit” juice there has been) but, as with the sports drink, you will have some people loving it and some hating it the exact same way. But I think a 1 is realistic since CDDA does not have a sliding scale of enjoyability based on how thirsty you are.

And yes, it makes a massive difference how much you enjoy something depending on thirst and hunger levels IRL.


Thanks much :smiley:
Indeed, thats what I’m hoping for :slight_smile:
The only Jungle juice I’ve had have been a college parties, haha.
The enjoyability has some subjectiveness baked into it but probably on average you would feel at least neutral to the taste and not disappointed(I’m guessing the -1 was meant to represent a disappointment with the flavor. Considering the original taste description.)

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I am not fond of Gatorade. But I would oddly enough have no problem knocking back a glass of water with both table salt and sugar once dissolved. That is gatorade in a nutshell. I don’t like the flavoring much.

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I never tried that and will honestly do a side by side taste test. I’ll post a thread with the opinion. Want to contribute? I’d think that to be neat for sure

Well if you have a 1 gallon jug or pitcher. You add 1 cup granulated sugar. 1 tablespoon of salt(iodized if you want the iodine) and you add whatever else to it as you like for flavor. Be warned it tastes just as you would expect and I normally do it another way.

8oz glass filled with filtered water + pinch of iodized salt + 1 tablespoon sugar. Let dissolve and drink. It also can be a glass with sugar. Drink the whole glass with the sugar alone and eat a pinch of salt. Goes down easier that way too.

Never use those squirt flavor things. That stuff will kill you. It has splenda and other garbage depending on the branding. Those are dangerous. Like diet soda having aspartame in them. Dick Chaney (yes, the ex vice president) bought the company that was going under and aspartame was the only product they had. The folks that made it told the bastard it was poison and would kill people and he passed it through FDA restrictions anyway as a “diet” key part is the DIE lol

But seriously, nasty stuff.


Lol, oh crap. I’m a hardcore diet coke drinker.

We need to add an diet cola with 0 calories :joy:


Well depending on your age you may want to check your liver if you are over 40. Assuming you don’t drink to much booze. Your liver test should show signs of to much diet crap if the results are bad. A few other health related problems can crop up too. But I forgot beyond the worst of them.

…or ya know. Just stop the intake of literally everything “Diet” and watch what sugar you take in is easier. Much of your system should mend in a few months if that road is taken. edit: also drink 100% pomegranate juice. About 1 shot glass a day will also improve your health too. Improves pulmonary health like veins/arteries among other health benefits for doing almost nothing for the gain. Don’t even need to exercise.

I got an uncle that guzzles diet anything. Eats it too. Guy has so many frickin health problems now I"m amazed he ain’t dead. Will he stop the intake? Nah. Loves the flavor of diet stuff…whatever right? lol

Thirst and caffeine only. Thats how I actually roll :v::v:

Dang, might just be individual genetics/who-knows-what. I’ve been drinking diet since my youth(4ish) and spent at least a decade as a hard liquor drinker(3 years divorced from that frat party), 10+yr smoker, and liver is healthy as can be, same with lungs strangely(I’m waiting for the hammer on that one). Hope your uncle kicks his habits and gets in better health, I’m betting he’s had his doctor on his ass for awhile no?