Mushy fruits are not that bad IRL

I just ate a thawed pear and it was quite tasty, I enjoyed it. -5 for being mushy is too much. I’d say it was about +1, about half as good as a fresh one.

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Your mileage might vary, thawed fruit is straight up nasty to my palette.

I guess individual taste is crucial here, but would you like to try eliminating other variables? Can you remember what size of pieces you were eating? My pears were cut in 4 pieces each, two cuts through the middle. Do you eat pears and fruits in general often? I wasn’t eating fruits over the weekend and didn’t eat fresh pears for at least a month.

Its a texture thing. Mushy fruit from thawing is too close to mushy fruit from rot, and thats something I’m very sensitive to.

I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I eat nothing but cooking oil. I just make sure to eat it just before going to sleep so that I would not have to stay awake to the consequences.


I’d put input here but I think the gourmand traits description is about an accurate description of my real life willingness to eat just about anything.
I suppose you could say the concept of negative moral for eating something is a bit of an alien concept for me. I’ve always been weirded out by these huge negatives you can get from food. Even rotten food isn’t that aweful if you don’t think about it too much. When I was super poor and the foodbank gave us rotten food I ate it with gratitude. Was still better than scraping at last nights already stripped chicken bones as a kid. One of these days I should actually take the gourmand trait and see if it truly is what it’s description implies.


i’ve been thinking… is it possible to randomly change the joy values on food +/- 10-ish? for people who like/dislike specific types of food.

Maybe an addendum to the food system to have random likes and dislikes would help the game. The have a trait where the player gets to spend 1 point to exact the more specific likes/dislikes? This would allow for a more personal play through and also allow each player to decide, instead of what we have. Thereby negating the entire discussion altogether, because everyone could play with what they like and dislike.

Personally, I view mushy fruit as acceptable. Similar to what you get out of a can. Also jam/jelly is not bad either. Going even more in depth; Trait= Soft Teeth(you find any food hard/crunchy difficult to eat and get a morale debuff when consuming).


There are already traits for disliking different things; Grain Intolerance, Hates Fruits, Hates Vegetables, Junkfood Intolerance, …
On the other side, there are the Gourmand and Sweet Tooth trait. While it’s not as diverse as those from the negative side, these do boost food morale quite a lot.

yeah but what if rather than a dedicated thing you take, all those are just randomized per character? specific foods become your ‘favorite’ and others make you upset.

also of note: the ‘intolerance’ negative traits mean your character will -never- eat those foods, rather than just being upset at them.

Now I’m curious is grain intolerance is as bad in game as it is in real life. Cause damn having your guts fucked up for a whole month because something so much as touched something that touched wheat at some point suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

i dont think its nearly as bad… probably some indigestion mixed with other symptoms… theres SOME things like actual allergic reactions which will kill people if they eat the wrong thing though, so it can go from ‘not that bad’ i.e. lactose intolerant, i know plenty of people who put up with the symptoms of it just to eat stuff like cheese, to peanut allergies, where people need an epipen if they so much as eat something that was produced in the same FACTORY as peanuts.

Ya most lactose intolerant people do cheat a fair bit, same with my brother and his chocolate allergy. I can’t cheat at all on my grain though if I don’t want my month to become a living hell :frowning:

Well, in that case the description is wrong…

Also, I’ve just tested it with bread and grain intolerance… I was able to eat it with no problems* (well, other than a massive morale debuff and almost no nutrients).

*Uh… as in; “in the game”. Not that I have grain intolerance and just ate some bread to prove that it’s not that bad… that would be stupid - and wrong…

weird, cause i remember taking the no-junk-food trait and it literally wouldnt even let me drink a cream soda.

Looks like that’s no problem either. Maybe in an older version - it’s possible that it has changed?

i mean its always possible XD