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A fellow survivor told me about a simple flaw with turrets the other day.

They can’t see you if you’re in the dark.

Oh boy! Infrared must not have been cheap to come by.

The Turret Mk.II series
While the original model was pretty easy to construct and cheap to maintain, it lacked a certain something which potential customers had asked for. Innovation was to be had! [size=8pt](With the reserved right to keep things relatively cost efficient.)[/size] Field reports stated that the old variant lacked in accuracy and dependency. So, a line of possible replacements were engineered.

Turret Mk.I SL (ScanLight)
Before the actual series there was this simple solution. A retractable, rotating searchlight in the turrets body along with more robust and accurate armament. While this model doesn’t have the same rate of fire as the regular Mk.I, it will surely hit anything its light identifies as a threat.

Turret Mk.II B
The baseline setup for a new generation of intelligent protective hardware. Folded into what looks like a large thermos, this U.S. Marshall of a machine can be deployed on any even surface. If applicable, it will burrow the claws of its pod-legs into the ground for increased stability. The machine itself is made out of stainless steel and various strengthened polymers and alloys for key parts and outer armor. Standard sensors include:
VIS Base Camera Optics, for both manual and automatic operation.
SSID Audible Threat Sense, for early threat assessment.
LAT Low-Light Laser Target Identification. A cheap yet ultimately effective solution for the sneakiest of foes.
[size=8pt](Scrawled under this text is a small exclamation.) “Cheap enough to still be bypassed!”[/size]

While the unarmed, base model is meant only for reconnaissance, the modular nature of it allows for many different upgrades.

Pod A
Dual 9x19mm machine guns connected to a large supply of ammunition. A basic step up from what the Mk.I had to offer, only twice the firepower.

Pod I
A small cannon designed to fire incendiary slugs. Also accepts more basic forms of ammunition.

Pod LF
For non-lethal measures, a coil gun which handles and fires wired grapple-tacks. These attach to a target and a strong electric shock travels via wire to disable the threat.

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Agreed, turrets shouldn’t just become our free 9mm ammo suppliers. Poor things…