Laser pointers to blind turret

What about having a laser pointer as an item? can draw a red dot on things in line of sight. can be bundled into stacks of 7 to get a chance to temporarily blind turret.

Would that be a thing?

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I’ve heard of that working on cameras, would it work on cataclysm-era turrets? Or is that something they’d have ‘fixed’ in the near future?

Could also be cool for distracting or scaring off animals. Powerful laset pointers could dazzle or blind just about anything with eyes.

This is how powerful the blinding is.

Airplanes can be blinded by it launched from the ground. So that ought to be able to be done to turrets with optical (light, night Vision, infrared, but not acoustic) target acquiring system. firing system would be unaffected by it. Perhaps some drones even could decide to ‘fire blindly’ even when youre out of range or no enemy insight?

Certainly a lot more potent than I thought it was. I’m curious why it didn’t damage the device recording it, though.

Also, if I was a drone manufacturer, I certainly wouldn’t tell them to fire wildly any time they couldn’t see. Seems like a slight safety hazard. Just a thought.

It can damage the sensor. When its powerful enough. You can also weld with lasers.

Masers are cool too.
One could research videos and pictures sometime perhaps.