Tubes, Drills: What are they for?

Copper tubing and cordless drills are both relatively common, but as of yet, I haven’t found a use for either.

What are they for? The drill says it can run on batteries, but I “can’t do anything interesting with my cordless drill.” The copper tubing is supposedly “useful in a few crafting recipes,” but I haven’t found one that uses it.

I’m playing version 0.9; do they have purposes in the latest experimental build?

Data from latest experimental:

Copper tubings are used in some recipes: several ammo types (.40 FMJ, 9mm FMJ, .223, 5.56 NATO) require them - don’t know if this is true for the stable build.

The cordless drill is currently without any function and it’s charges won’t get used up. It could be reloaded with batteries (theoretically, it spawns fully charged and the charges are never used), but it can’t be unloaded.

Ah, thanks for the answer.
I’ve got three cordless drills sitting in my base’s tool cabinet, and I was disappointed they couldn’t even be disassembled for parts. Oh well.

Try cutting up the drill with a knife. I think someone said you can get plastic chunks out of them.