Trying to translate for Brazilian Portuguese

Hello Wasteland Oddly Bionic modded travelers. I’m Douglas and I’ve met CDDA while I was searching good ASCII, it’s was love at the first sight. But, I’m sad for being the only Brazilian that loves this game and share them in everywhere.

I tried to make my friends to play, but they don’t know much of the English language, and the game is “Only Text”, hard to play using only graphics. But, when I was traveling between the config folder and memorial, I found the " Json " folder and I started to translate almost everything, but where is the traits, and the interface warnings? And the “~”, “`” and “ç”? I need them for a better translation. I tried to Download the Translation Files, but they are for 0.9, not for 0.C.

I will be grateful for any support. Contact me from my Email:

I’m hopping for more Brazilian CDDA players.

Yes, I think that there are just a bunch of latinamerican CDDA players… And I think that’s because the lack of translations.
I’ve made the argentinian translation, on Transifex. I think that there you can use special characters (like the ç) without problems.
Maybe LazyCat-rus can help you.

Hi Douglas.

You don’t need to translate JSON files directly. We already have good translation system for all languagages.

I will send you invite for Brazilian language. After that you can invite any translator for your language.

If you have any questions send me e-mail on vnigtha @ This is fastest way to get answer.

Hi, I have the same problem with Portuguese from Brazil. The word “shipped” is the only one that is not translated. Do you know when it could me modified to “Enviado”? Thank you