Trying to find Amputation in the code

So far I’ve been getting some custom classes actually working and stuff but I want to make some proper amputees. While a Fusion blaster arm with no power does somewhat cover that I haven’t had much luck finding whatever flag leaves your character with a stump if you remove the “bio_blaster” ie Fusion Arm Blaster. I want to make a few classes like War Veteran and a few other classes mostly for one armed challenge runs of various difficulty but until I can find the trait tag I can’t get started on them. Anyone know where I can find that? There’s a whole lot of these Json files and I don’t even know if it’d be in the Json for all I know.

There is no such thing. Fusion Blaster uses a hack to simulate having only one functional arm. For example, you can still break an arm that was replaced by FB. Having one or two arms is checked while trying to wield some tools or fire some weapons, but in most other cases even with FB character still has two arms and isn’t penalized at all for this fact (while tailoring, crafting, mining etc).

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Well that’s dissapointing, I was hoping it was a trait flag or something you gained when you had an autodoc remove the fusion blaster. Going to make my job a bit harder But I’ll have to see if I can figure it out. Any clue where I can find the code for this hack they used for it? Would probably help me out with the baseline.

In bionics.cpp there is a snippet that prevents you from uninstalling FB:

if( b_id == "bio_blaster" ) {
        popup( _( "Removing %s Fusion Blaster Arm would leave %s with a useless stump." ),
               disp_name( true ), disp_name() );
        return false;