How does the Fusion Blaster CBM work with extra limbs?

I’m thinking of making a four armed character, so how would the Fusion Blaster CBM work with that? Would it still leave 3 arms available?

And for context, the four limb option I’m looking at is the one from the Nechtronica. Cause if that actually does give you 4 arms then that seems like it could make for a interesting design.

Even if you have 8 arm tentacles, game still considers you having only two arms for the terms of Fusion Blaster. At the moment mutations and bionics are two almost disjointed mechanics in the game.

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Ah, that bites, was hoping that would get around it. Thanks for the info.

Making mutations know about installed bionics, and vice versa, is a very complex thing to implement. Someday it will be done, I hope, but for now the situation is this.

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Well when or if it ever gets done that’ll probably make for even more cool designs, perhaps paired with something that allows you to choose which limb you want to install One Limb Bionics into would be great. But I imagine a “Mutations and Bionics” integration thing is gonna be a while.

Nevertheless, thanks.