Trump SUCKS!

Sorry for the clickbait, but

A new recipe: Donald Döner

Not without some sort of “Hope & change” Obama t-shirt :stuck_out_tongue:
Immortalize ALL the presidents.

I feel like I’m being used to add new stuff to the Game. Didn’t even knew about this Topic till I stumbled upon it by accident.

As to the Topic itself - This quote was basically just a joke. If someone is actually interested into doing something like this, then they should probably add most of it to the ‘Crazy Cataclysm’ submod, simply because I don’t have the feeling many people would like politics in their game. Also, they would be quite old be the Time the Cataclysm struck, so people wouldn’t find many, it would basically be some kind of joke.
Then you have to consider where the game plays - New England, and people there voted mostly for Clinton, not Trump. The chances of finding one of those hats there is even lower. There is obviously the chance that some Republicans kept their old Trump stuff in the cellar, attic or garage, but it ain’t great.

Of course, one single hat isn’t enough for a whole mod. Like BeerBeer (probably as a joke) said, we would need to add more. Obama Shirts would be fitting, sculptures and busts of former presidents would be also a thing one could find.
Hell, I could imagine that some weapon manufacturer in a strong, republican america might start naming some of their guns after US Presidents, Nationalism and being Proud and all.

I fully support this whole politics in games mod. Hell, we should have a dank memes mod

As long as it isn’t all about stale shit from /pol/ (and reddit/8chan knockoffs of /pol/).

Point. I was sort of kidding up there. I just thought that if we’re going to have Trump (or republican) paraphernalia, we should have something iconic to represent the other major party as well. But it just hit me what I actually said. The Obama t-shirt would speak like:

“Is this the hope & change you looked for?”

(looks at the destroyed world and the monsters running around rampantly)

And like:
“Hope and change, they said. Make America great again, they said.” >:D

I would actually like stuff like that. But hey, I like dark humor.

One could also easily add some new Hallucinations based on politicians.

“Something Orange with a red hat appears!”
“It screams ‘I MAKE YOU GREAT AGAIN!’ at you!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Something else that would be possible are joke monsters, like Thriller or Shia LaBeouf. Zombie-Trumps, Zombie Obamas (with birth certificates please!), Zombie Clintons…actually, Zombie Clintons would be scary.

Zombie Trump would act similar to a shrieker, but instead of hearing a scream it would scream a slogan of his, or something like ‘I will build a wall!’ or ‘Mexio will pay for it all!’.

Or, if you want to be funny, make descriptions like this:
“It’s a zombified Donald Trump! . . .Wait a minute, it’s just a normal zombie, wearing a Trump-Mask!”

Zombie mobs could consist of Democrat rioters too lol.
And those American flag missions could have a hidden ending where you would fetch a trump hat/Obama tshirt. All leading up to a mission into a new type of bunker…the massive underground of the would’ve-been wall.
And hallucinations of nonstop political memes (shrieker-y Clinton: “Pókemon go to the polls!!!” And grabber zombie-trumps…xD)

Adding a Trump hat would be really easy. So easy, in fact, that anyone can basically do it themselves.

Just make a copy of a baseball hat from the JSON files, and change the description to whatever you deem appropriate. It’s literally useless in most cases, but there you go. Trump hat.

Or just…y’know, edit the existing baseball hat’s description, so all baseball hats are Trump hats.

I don’t think this is worth the time of anyone with proper coding knowledge currently involved in game or mod development.

It’s not just the hats I want, as I said in my previous post.

ok. and need to build bonnet of Hillbilly’s baby. :slight_smile:

Oh! What about building locations. Like campaign headquarters and such. Filled with the crap. They’d use generic names like “GOP campaign building” and “Democratic Party campaign building”. But yeah, then again New England would have like 90% dems and 10% GOP. GOP offices would be pretty rare. But both buildings would contain the stuff - caps, t-shirts, jackets, buttons, ribbons, pens, mugs… A solid-gold Trump assault rifle.

One’s publicly displayed political affiliation could play a role in NPC reactions and quests. It’s not like politics is going to go anywhere when only 99% of people have been wiped out.