Gross political agenda in game (clickbait title)

I’ve been playing this game for years, and I’ve seen a lot of content I’m sure some people might find contentious be added. Vibrators. Religious texts. Drug use.

None of this has bothered me, but I noticed something recently in the game that I feel should be brought to everyone’s attention. Something that many players may not even be aware of, but take ultimate take issue with:

Ketchup and Mustard are considered “junk food” while Horseradish is not.

This kind of blatant condiment favoritism is frankly disgusting. Borderline classism. I can practically envision the coder who added this, chowing down on a premium Arby’s Beef And Cheddar slathered in Horsey Sauce while the rest of us are stuck foraging on the McDonald’s value menu.

At best it’s just unfair. At worst it’s socially deconstructive and tribalistic.
Let’s not bring this kind of debate into the game space. Everyone is here to have a good time.

Thank you.


Actually Horseraddish isn’t a condiment. Not strictly. It is considered to be similar to a pickle. While the other 2 are junk food as they evolved into the bottom basement ingredients.

Unless you buy organic of each plus using real sugar in place on high f*cktose corn pi$$. Yer stuff with “junk” lol

That’s just what Big Radish wants you to think. How much did your opinion cost? A French Dip? The Bourbon BBQ Chicken sandwich?

I’d like to point your and everyone else’s attention to this highly informative article which I will quote:

“Different parts of the mustard plant have been proven beneficial in treating cancer”

So take that. I would go one further and say not only should Mustard be removed from the “junk food” list but the previous nerfs (which I noticed but did not immediately complain about) reverted. Perhaps even an additional buff for Mustard is in order.

How about this…

We take all the condiments…

…and label them all as…


There; problem solved.

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I can’t tell if this is serious or not, but it gave me a good laugh, and I wouldn’t be opposed to it, honestly. I usually take the Junkfood Intolerance trait, since it’s a free point and many Junk Food products seem to detract from character health. Every other house seems to have one or more bottles of ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard and I can’t use them for anything.

Can the water cannon shoot anything other than water? I’d love to mount one on a vehicle and fill up 60L Tanks with various condiments, then drive around blasting the undead with waves of ketchup.

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If junk food lowers overall health, then I think the condiments deserve to be considered junk food. I also can’t tell if this conversation is serious, but would you be happy and healthy if you ate a jar of mustard?

Also, I’ve never seen a horseradish in game. You’re correct that it’s a vegetable (or a root or whatever), but it’s most common form (at least in America) is as a condiment with a similar consistency to mayonnaise and lots of ‘heat’ to it. While it’s edible in it’s natural form I would think that eating it would be unpleasant – it would be like eating half a wasabi, a great way to blow out your sphincter. o_o

I chug mustard right out of the bottle like a sports drink and I feel amazing.


Horseraddish is actually toxic.


It’s good to see this community is in sensible hands. Fight on, brother.

Now that we got into this, is there a way to make it so crafted condiments aren’t considered junk food? Making fresh mayo with legit eggs, veggies, salt and oil so the game can say it’s unhealthy is kinda silly.

Say Hey-No to Ma-yo.

You’re just mustard’s overweight cousin.

Actually yes. Standard ingredients of organic in real life. But that is not to say it is healthy…just no longer “junnk food”. That said I really don’t think my character in the post-apoc really gives a hoot so I’ll leave this up to Kevin.

PS- this is meant to be funny and part serious -_^

This is a very serious thread please get your eye checked.

FINALLY. It is about gorram time someone stood up for what is right and proper! And when we’re finished talking about this, can we PLEASE address the utter lack of worcestershire sauce?

I’m not even going to get into how impossible it is to find a curry recipe. It is IN the game, for (intentionally blank)'s sake!

Tangent: mustard is actually super fun to make in real life. And by fun, I mean in a “post youtube videos of your friends’ reactions to tasting it” kind of way.

Worcester sauce is actually pronounced Wister sauce…assuming anyone wants to know how people from the source say it :wink:

Funny way of speaking I know but many people really do not pronounce the R when they speak here.

“Hey ma, om’a go pok the ka!” lol I jest but it is also true.