Save Our Planet!

Trash bins! I’d love to see functional trash bins in the game. Especially, if they have appropriately ironic slogans printed on the side when examined.

Examples include:

“Do Your Part! Save Our Planet!”

“Don’t Let Our World Perish! Recycle!”

“Go Green for Life!”

“Go Green Or Die!”

“Nature Saves Us, We Must Save Nature”

Also, some (or all) bins could provide permanent disposal for whatever is thrown into them.

I like it, but I think the society before the cataclysm in the backstory is supposed to be some kind of satirical right-wing conservative dystopia, like Fall-out series almost, hence all the full auto weapons and over-the-top patriotic advertisement flyers everywhere, so it might not vibe with everything else.

And the steel compactors at the back of shops, im glad to see those are operational. Itd be cool if you could drop RUBBISH Into them, and make trash blocks to burn, or pack up and make a sort’ve makeshift barricade.

Oh, and 400th post. Luv U

There’s always a rebel faction, especially in dystopian hellscapes!

There’s always a rebel faction, especially in dystopian hellscapes![/quote]

Haha, yeah maybe these subversives write these things everywhere like “Don’t let the water run in the sink, our life’s on the brink!” in special ink and you can only read them wearing special light-filtering sunglasses or something.

Environmentalist rebels would maybe explain the explosive growth of wildlife in the game too, what with a few passes in a loud truck and any random field is a writhing carpet of squirrels and rabbits and wolves and things. Some kind of growth hormone the rebels sprayed during their nature walks.

Are you certain that’s canonical? If so, trash receptacles would still exist in many public places, especially public buildings or parks.

True, and it could easily be changed to graffiti.

im pretty sure there would be trashcans/dumpsters/bins/etc.

also I think I could live with that, since we don’t know for 100% certain the cause of zombieism (other than some kind of horrible lab expiermentation and or demonic portals to hell) im going to pin this one on terrorism.

its always terrorism.

isn’t that a popular word these days?

There’s always a rebel faction, especially in dystopian hellscapes![/quote]

This would certainly explain the amount of recreational drugs available, if this is a conservative dystopia.

Liberal fliers and leaflets at grocery stores (It Ain’t Just Meat If It Blinks!), torn down posters dancing in the wind (Free Festive Field Friday!)… and maybe even the occasional newspaper. One conservative, one liberal. Heh.

This is what happens if you let the CCS win!

Keep fighting the good fight my radical, unwashed, liberal, clown-suited brethren!

Better than what I do, I just dump all my garbage in a pile in the corner of my base :stuck_out_tongue:


I just leave my garbage wherever. Not like the environment ain’t already FUBAR in the game.

Hahah I sort my garbage into containers, plastic and paper. First one I fill with water if able. I usually burn the latter two but raincoat-making is now a useful practice from the plastic pile.

HELP IM SOME KIND OF RECYCLING LIBERAL. …really, I just like having me ‘is ok to burn’ pile away from me ‘DO NOT BURN’ pile.

ive been building a compound in the woods and ive got a 4x4 plot of land just outside the walls where I throw all my trash (tin cans paper, etc) and the stuff I know I can use for crafting goes in a pile next to my workshop and if I need fuel for a fire I just grab some trash and start burning.

I tend to throw my garbage at enemies unless I have an immediate use for it. It gets rid of clutter (well, spreads it around at any rate) and it trains my throwing skill! Plus there’s something supremely satisfying about beaning a zombie in the head with an empty liquor bottle while doing eighty down the highway.

that could be a sport.

Cataclysm Olympics, lets make this happen people.

:o Those bottles can be used to craft Molotov’s by filling them up at gas stations. What a waste!

Oh I make molotov cocktails out of some of them.
I never seem to have a shortage of empty bottles. Liquor stores and bars are so high on my list of places to loot that sometimes my take on Cataclysm is as much of a drunk-driving simulator as it is a survival RPG.

Ahh, the horrors of post apocaliptic New England, and the consumerism. AHH. My perfered method of destruction is sorting. First by water containers, then craftables, then burnables, then compost hole material.