Trouble finding good stuff


Back again after a little break and I noticed several balancing changes. Most CBMs and traditional labs seem to be gone. So my question is where can I find the best items these days? Like laser weapons, powered armor and high end CBMs?

I raided several of those new Trans-Coast labs. Scary places. Almost died multiple times. But I only got a handful of crappy mutagens. So where is the game-breakingly good shit?



P.S. I don’t like the change to examine/get. Is there a way to get the traditional type of item list you used to get from [e] instead of the new one from [g]?

You can still find the “old style labs” on occasion on the overworld map:

Under some houses with a specific basement, under Research Facilities (simple but not risk free to get into), under some 3x3 prisons. For the “overworld” ones (the usual 1 Tile “L”, sometimes seeing ant-hills nearby can be a good hint, as there could be a lab attached to them. There are also the Central Lab complexes too..
You can still find the same loot in them too. CBMs occasionally spawn in there too, but now for actual CBMs, you will rely on killing and dissecting (without pulping) Zomborgs, which requires the usual “mend”, “autoclave pouch” and “autoclave usage” procedure) or finding the Exodii “base” , there’s an NPC there that will help you install CBMs, as well as selling them to you..

Power Armours and Laser weapons they still spawn as they used to.
Power Armours you can find either by exploring Caves or being super duper lucky with random overworld drops in specific locations or getting the nano-material templates, enough material canisters and making them yourself. There might be other ways but these are the ones I know the best.

Trans-Coast Logistics were meant to be a “replacement” for the old-style labs, with a focus on chemicals and with a few “armories” within it, pretty well guarded by boss mobs that are very difficult to kill even for well kitted players (one in Particular that I believe was already mentioned that definitely needs some looking into, because it can do “all of the things” against a player.).

In regards to [e]xamine changes, a lot of people don’t like them, but it seems that thing was causing bugs in some capacity so the decision was to remove it altogether and replace it with the current system. Personally, I think that a near-fullscreen menu that will require people to either rebind “g” to “e” and pretend examine doesn’t exist or try to force muscle memory into doing something that is a little bit impractical is a bit rough, as I much prefered the size of the “old” menu and the information display it used to give. But the devs’ decisions are final, so… a minor inconvenience I guess until someone finds a way to re-implement it to work properly.

Ah, very good. This helps to understand the changes. Zomborgs? Have to remember that. I guess I’ve been a bit unlucky during the last week. Still seems the labs with reward rooms (lasers, nanofabricators, etc.) are quite hard to find now.

Interestingly enough I found some nanomaterial in a collapsed tower along with templates, but the machine itself was busted. Any idea where to look for another other? Or is the procol just getting luckly with a lab spawn?

That is a legitimate good question. The ones under the collapsed tower I’ve never found them in working condition, so the only place I know they are usually are Labs (which is why I often go for Central Labs due to the multiple finales possibility).

I am not sure if the Trans-Coast Logistics have a Nanomaterial Machine as a possible finale or something (I only managed to explore two of them, and not fully either because that facility is so heavily packed with mobs and trash loot it makes my PC beg me to get out and go sleep in the middle of a field before it eventually turns into flames). So if there are any other locations for them, maybe someone from the dev team or someone with more knowledge of those mechanics may be able to give you some pointers in that regard.

Also one thing I can mention is:
Mansions are amazing places for armour stuff and they help a lot if you want a piece of overpowered gear, seeing you can sometimes find chainmail pieces there. The Faraday Chainmail Suit is actually, imo, the best piece of armour in the game: 100% coverage, immunity to shock blasts and discharges, medium-difficulty to craft, and by default has enough protection values to make you essentially untouchable against the base level zombies. Also has the potential to be padded with Kevlar for a huge boost in defensive attributes. Lacks in terms of warmth but that’s why it’s so good: perfect summer armour.. Just beware that there are Mansion-specific mobs now, some nastier than others.