Newb Question: CBM's

I have been playing this game for only a couple of hours altogether and I was wondering what the common place(if there is any)to find cmb’s was. I was also wondering about the power and such. I watched a youtuber and he found like all of the cbm’s in the same location in a mine. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’ve always found most of my CBM’s in underground labs. But I have to say, as of version .3 I’ve not gotten ANY labs to spawn at all on my maps. I don’t know if this is a bug or if they were taken out.

Labs, Military Bunkers, and Shocker Z’s (in 0.4 and with a high survival skill for butchering the corpses ) are the best sources.
Best to have High int(possibly boosted with drugs), high electronics, first aid and mechanics to have any reasonable success chance to install them.

Yeah, butchering shocker zombies is the main source I’ve found of CBMs. You’ll want survival at 3 or 4 before doing so, though.

Some CBMs are unpowered, so they’ll just work (armor plating, diamond cornea, that sort of thing). Other CBMs are powered, and will require both a form of internal power storage, and a way to charge that storage.

Shocker zombies are supposed to give you CBMs that increase your internal power storage, but due to a typo in 0.4 and earlier, they instead drop CBM: Battery System (which lets you eat batteries to charge your power). That’s been fixed in the git version, though, and the power storage/internal battery CBM has been renamed “CBM: Power Storage” to avoid similar issues in the future.

I don’t suppose they enabled the lightning-bolt CBM to go with the new CBM source? /whataretheodds

Yeah, Labs are by far the best source for CBMs as they can have both common stores and rare storage (rares only in the Finale, though, and that’s roughly a 1:3 chance). Mines, Sewage/Toxic facilities, and science corpses are other possible sources.